Property and Facility Management

This is the direction and supervision of interest on landed property with the aim of securing the maximum benefit. In the course of management, there exists vacancies in the property as difficult tenants are ejected and old tenants willingly surrender possession at the determination of their respective terms. Our duties include but not limited to:

  • Administration of tenancies
  • Ejection of difficult tenants; and
  • Administration of service charge and selection of maintenance team; (where applicable).

Individual/Organisation sometimes diversify into property investment to spread their risk; we can act as your facility manager in such cases. Facility management involves taking care of the physical plant of a property. Duties here include the care of air conditioning system, electric power, plumbing and lighting systems, clearing, decoration, grounds keeping, security, waste management and any other facilities provided within and outside the building.

Carrying out a detailed inspection at the end of lease(s) term and/or at the time of surrendering of lease with the view of determining schedule of dilapidation which is to be enforced on the tenant in an attempt to leave the accommodation occupied in a good tenantable condition.