Real Estate Marketing

We utilize all available marketing media and techniques to ensure that available properties in our portfolio reach the targeted audience. At Shelter Nest Realty, our Real Estate market experience, knowledge, resources and expertise gave us insight on appropriate medium varying from newspaper advertisement, newsletters, placement of ‘For Sale’ board, advertisement on the internet and some specific web pages like Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube amongst others to achieve expected result. We act on our clients' behalf to arrange the sales and lease of properties. Similarly, we can also source and secure for purchase or lease specified property required by our client. We also pre-market properties prior to construction completion to guide against vacancy losses whether for sale or lease. We also introduce the properties to some identified corporate organization, government agencies and individuals. We go beyond contemporary methods of marketing, we also adopt the conventional methods of advertisement to achieve maximum and expected result. Our aim is not only to sell, we also negotiate and achieve the best deal for our clients.